Better Questions to Become More Profitable


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Being in business is easy; being profitable takes skill

Sadly dreams of owning your own business can come crashing down to earth very quickly once the money runs out.

And where does all the money go?

Rent to pay; power to keep going; staff to pay; suppliers to pay. The list of people who need paying are endless. The money can go out faster than it comes in.

So if you run a business, you need to know your profit margins; your revenue streams and all your other costs.

It seems obvious that knowing about your finance is CRITICAL to a business success, sadly for a lot of small businesses, the owners are so busy running around trying to keep all the balls in the air, that often they don't really know what is happening, sometime when it is too late to do anything about it.

Every business wants to be profitable; every business NEEDS to be profitable so the questions in this Eguide are not simply sentences with a question mark on the end of them, they are hard hitting questions designed to help you get a full and honest picture of your business finances.

Having a better understanding of you business realities, will ultimately put more money in your back pocket.

In this e-guide, you will ask yourself (or get someone else to ask you) 20 different questions about profitability.

If you have answered honestly, then the next step will take you through creating an action plan to take the necessary steps you will need to take so you can:

  1. Take 100% control of your business finances and
  2. Earn more profit.

This e-guide is part of a series designed to get you to ask better questions about the myriad of different areas of your life.

The author insists that there are no right or wrong answers only good questions that will help you achieve in whatever area of your life you decide to ask Better Questions about.

Every business owner needs to understand their finances and needs to regularly ask the Better Questions so they can plan their next week, month or year. And when you ask the questions, you will be able to take action rapidly, and before finances get out of control as you work towards making more money.

Better Questions to Become More Profitable

$9.95 USD