Better Questions To Be More Socially Responsible and Environmentally Friendly


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Empower yourself to live a better life in the community

Finally the business world seems to be realising that we can't keep raping and pillaging our environment and our communities.

Increasingly businesses are realising that being more socially responsible and environmentally aware, is actually good business. Being green saves money and being socially responsible enhances our reputation in the market place.

Lindsey Tighe is a lady with a mission.

She keeps asking questions.

She used to think that questions were simply a sentence with a question mark on the end of them?

Now she realises that by asking great questions we can change even the seemingly insurmountable.

Using this E-guide, you can now use questions to create new or expanded thoughts around your current understanding of and reaction to the concept of being social responsible and increasing your organisations' environmental friendliness.

This E-guide is part of a series of ebooks designed to get you to ask better questions about the different areas of your life.

Answering these 20 powerful questions about the environment, the community and your responsibilities will help you design an action plan for you and your business to be a more socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

This E-guide does not tell you what to do.

The questions do not give you right or wrong answers, rather the questions help you decide what you want to know and do differently.

You make the choices; you make the decisions but now that you have answered the questions and done the research you can no longer claim to be un-informed.

Now you can make the decision to take control of your choices in this area of your life and/or your business, because if you are serious about being more socially responsible or want your family or business to be more environmentally aware, this is a must have E-guide.

Better Questions To Be More Socially Responsible and Environmentally Friendly

$9.95 USD