Better Questions to Be More Optimistic


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Become an Optimist and Achieve More

We are not suggesting you become a Pollyanna; however there are some people who see a glass half full and others who will always see it as half empty. If you even remotely suspect that you are a half empty sort of person, (or if you have someone in your life who is a half empty person) read on.

Lindsay Tighe the author of a whole series of ‘Better Questions' e-guides which are designed to do that - ask challenging questions. She asks you to look at what could happen in your life if you stopped being pessimistic and changed your attitude to being a more optimistic one.

Could your relationships improve? Could your career prospects improve?

We know, that pessimists never see or describe themselves as pessimist; they are more inclined to call themselves ‘realists'.
But think about that. Does reality always have to be dark? Do we always have to look on the negative side? Does the worst thing that could ever happen, ever actually happen?

If even these few sentences have touched you, then please treat yourself to this book of Better Questions because even one of the 20 questions in this book, honestly answered could be the trigger that changes your outlook on life; your relationships and your career prospects.

If you think that questions are simply a sentence with a question mark on the end of them, you are not alone. When Lindsay realised that asking questions had an incredible power to change, she created the Better Questions e-guides. Her aim is to have everyone who reads her questions, become something more.

After you have answered the questions about optimism, you will then develop an action plan and a strategy for YOU to be more optimistic and to enjoy the benefits of living a more optimistic life.

This e-guide is part of a series of ebooks designed to get you to ask better questions about the many different areas of your life. The author acknowledges that there are no right or wrong answers only good questions that will help you become the awesome creative and innovative you.

Your attitude creates the life you experience so if you want to be more optimistic, get this e-guide today. Enjoy the benefits of a more optimistic life right now!

Better Questions to Be More Optimistic

$9.95 USD