Better Questions to be More Fulfilled at Work (Parts 1 and 2)


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Understanding YOU is the first step to feeling fulfilled at work

Better Questions to be More Fulfilled at Work - Part 1

A question every employee needs to ask themselves is ‘Who do I work for?'

Sadly a lot of employees join the workforce expecting their organisation, or their manager, or their team leader or even their co-workers, to create meaning for them.

Sadly that may not happen; and in fact it isn't the organisation or the manager's job. Yes it is their job to provide a role; and yes it is their job to give feedback and regular reviews, but your organisation and your manager can't create ‘meaning' for you - that is something you need to work out for yourself.

Because if every day you go to work feeling that there should be something more, then you could end up quite de-motivated and even get quite sick.

So these e-guides Parts 1 and 2 are designed to help you work out what you want from your work life, and to find ways to find a purpose and a meaning in what you do - no matter ‘what' you do.

The author of the guides, Lindsay Tighe uses what she calls ‘The Better Questions Technique' to help people find out why they are feeling dis-satisfied; to view such essential issues as trust, vision and relationships. What these mean to you, and whether you have unrealistic expectations.

It is vitally important to work out you relationship (or not) with your boss; to identify those activities that will make you happier in your work and be able to communicate that.

Asking yourself these 20+ powerful questions could create a massive shift in your thinking around your relationships at work; your motivation around work and how you actually view work because it is vital that you get the very best out of your job. After all, we spend more time with our work mates than we do with our family.

Better Questions to be More Fulfilled at Work - Part 2

With Part 1 of this e-guide bundle deals with creating the type of workplace experience you want; Part 2 looks at the type of work you do, how you do it and your attitude to that work.

In a perfect world, we would have the perfect job, sadly most jobs or roles are not perfect. So if we are to stay healthy and positive about what we do (no matter what that is), we have to find some form of joy in that work. Even people with the most tedious and repetitive jobs often find that the pleasure they get from the work, is from the relationships they have with the people they work with.

So if you would like to find more joy or sense of purpose in the job you currently do, then the 20 questions in Part 2 will help you do that.

Lindsay Tighe, the author of these e-guides, originally thought that questions were simply sentences with a question mark on the end of them. In her work as an executive coach, she discovered that if she asked the right questions, the people she coached would gain the most amazing insights into their lives and the choices they were making.

The Better Questions e-guides have been designed to get you to ask yourself powerful questions so that you too, can have a more fulfilled work and life.

Both e-guides comprise 20 different questions about your job and your beliefs.

After you have asked the questions (or asked someone else to work with you and ask you the questions) you will then create an action plan for going forward.

The aim is to help you feel more fulfilled at work; happier, more productive and to find a sense of joy in going to work every day. You spend too much time are work, not to enjoy your time there.

This e-guide is part of a series of guides to help you to ask better questions about the different areas of your life.

Like all the e-guides in the series, there are no right or wrong answers only good questions that will help you become the awesome creative and innovative you.

Better Questions to be More Fulfilled at Work (Parts 1 and 2)

$17.95 USD