Better Questions to Be More Ethical


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How to create a life where your values and your actions align

Ethics are strange things. They are our moral code; our guiding principles. They are the internal messages we get when we have to make decisions. We often get gut feelings that we shouldn't do something; or shouldn't employ someone, but can be inclined to talk ourselves out of our instincts.

Yet 99 times out of a 100, we will live to regret that we didn't listen to our inner barometer.

This e-guide is part of a series designed around asking better questions of ourselves in many different areas of our lives. So asking ourselves if we are as ethical as we should be is an interesting and challenging question in itself. Often we are placed in various awkward situations where we need to make a decision on the run, and it isn't until afterwards when perhaps our staff look sideways at us because they feel we have let them down; or perhaps our customers go elsewhere because they didn't feel that they were treated well, that we start to question our ethics.

So if you have experienced scenarios where people have looked at you in this way, and if you have even the vaguest feeling that you could use some work on your ethics and values, then read on because feeling uncomfortable about your decisions in given circumstances will cause stress. And the more unaligned your decisions based on your values, the more stress you will feel.

Are you the person you would like to be? Are you happy with the decisions you've been making? Are your decisions aligned with you inner barometer?

Some people find a challenge in matching their actions to their values while others feel challenged in the workplace by differences in values and performance.

This e-guide will ask you 20 questions around ethics and values in a variety of situations.

Once you have examined the various questions and your answers, you will have the information you need to form an action plan allowing you to act and feel differently the next time you are put in an awkward situation.

Like all the e-guides in the series, there are no right or wrong answers only good questions that will help you become more aware of how you act and react in various areas of your life, and if there are ways you could achieve better results by NOT doing what you have always done.

This e-guide will help you identify areas where your values may not align with the situation you are faced with and where you may want to take a different course of action. It is an essential book for anyone who knows that values and ethics are important to their life and wants to act and live more aligned in all aspects of their life.


Better Questions to Be More Ethical

$9.95 USD