Better Questions to be More Assertive


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Learn how to assert yourself and grow your personal power

Would you describe yourself as assertive?

So many people fear being assertive because they think they will come across as being aggressive.

What are your feelings, fears and thoughts about assertiveness?

Would it make a difference to your life; your career and your self esteem if you could understand and feel comfortable with being more assertive?

In this e-guide, Lindsay Tighe helps you ask yourself better questions to understand exactly what assertiveness is; what it means and how learning to be more assertive will empower you.

If you think that questions are simply a sentence with a question mark on the end of them, then Lindsay Tighe will help you understand that asking great questions changes lives.

When you use this e-guide, you will ask yourself 20 different questions about assertiveness and your attitude to what assertiveness is and what it could mean in your life if you really felt good about being more assertive.

Once you are clear on what this can mean to you, the e-guide will help you then create an action plan to not only become more assertive, but to stay being more assertive. Because often we do this ‘assertiveness' thing, and then worry and fret that we have upset someone, and so revert to how we were before - not assertive.

This e-guide aims to help you achieve lasting results and is part of a series of e-guides written by Lindsay Tighe all designed to get you to ask better questions about the different areas of your life.

Like all the e-guides in the series, there are no right or wrong answers to any of the questions she asks - merely good questions designed to help you look in the mirror; reflect on yo0ur life and decide to become the awesome creative and innovative you.

Ask yourself the questions in this e-guide today and experience the benefits in your life that simply being more assertive will bring you.

Better Questions to be More Assertive

$9.95 USD