Better Questions for Managers To Coach Their Team


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Better Questions Are The Answer - A Series of Inspiration Books To Help You Be A Better Leader

This coaching guide has been developed for managers who want to be able to ask better questions during Career Development sessions with their people.

One of the biggest complaints employees have in the workplace, is that they don't feel they are valued, listened to or understood. It is generally easier and more common for people to offer opinions and judgements that it is to ask leading questions.

This e-guide is part of a series designed to assist you in asking better questions in a variety of situations so that you can:

  • Develop better relationships
  • Help people find better answers
  • Empower others to take ownership
  • Tap into the huge potential of others 
  • Find more creative idea
  • Demonstrate that you value other's opinions
  • Really want to understand the other person

Coaching people is new to many managers; so the author offers some tips on how to get the best out of this amazing resource:

  • The need to prepare
  • The need to be curious
  • Why patience is a critical virtue
  • The power of keeping an open mind
  • Why you must never ‘tell' people what to do
  • The power of asking the right questions

If you are a person who has to manage and coach staff, and have never been taught how to do that, then this coaching guide will be a life saver.

It is laid out with 19 great questions in a relevant order so all the hard work of preparing for a coaching discussion is done for you.


Better Questions for Managers To Coach Their Team

$9.95 USD