Better Questions for Managers to ask To Develop Their Emotional Intelligence


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A series of inspirational books to empower you to be more effective in your life and work

This e-guide is one of a series of personal development guides developed to encourage people to ask themselves better questions so they achieve more in their lives.

Research conducted over recent years shows how powerful our thinking can be in achieving or NOT.

It is possible to ‘overwrite' our usual responses to given situations by becoming more conscious of our current thinking, behaviours and patterns and to literally create new ‘thoughts'.

This series of books has been designed to help the reader take time to reflect on the questions most relevant to what is happening in their lives and/or careers.

The author is passionate about asking great questions. Questions designed to make us really think and analyse what we are doing in our lives; why we do the things we do and what we need to do differently to get better results.

In using this resource, the author urges you to read and follow the instructions carefully. Undertaking this journey of self-analysis is not one to be taken casually or with the wrong mindset. So it is important that you prepare yourself for this changing experience.

Everything starts with a thought, and things we may never have thought possible, can become possible.

This guide asks 20 powerful questions. It is a self-paced resource. The reader can choose to work through each question in a consecutive order, or to choose the questions at random.

Each question is followed with a blank page so you can make notes as you progress, and at the end of the guide you will find an Action Plan, because in order to ‘get' something different, we have to ‘do' something differently.

Better Questions for Managers to ask To Develop Their Emotional Intelligence

$9.95 USD