Better Questions For Managers To Ask To Become More Compassionate


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Better Questions Are The Answer - A Series Of Inspirational Books To Help You Be A Better Leader

This personal development guide has been developed for managers who want to be able to ask themselves better questions so they become more tolerant, understanding of others and more compassionate.

It is very easy in business to forget that business is actually about people. When a business is facing massive competition and the recession is driving prices and sales in a downward direction, it can be very easy to become stressed and to start barking orders at our people.

One of the biggest complaints employees have in the workplace, is that they don't feel they are valued, listened to or understood even in normal times. But during recessions, employees have the added stress of fear of loss of jobs.

Sadly it is generally easier and more common for managers and owners to offer opinions and judgements rather than to take time to ask questions and find out how things are for their people.

This e-guide is part of a series designed to assist you in asking better questions in a variety of situations; and in this case it is designed for managers and owners to ask better questions of themselves. Not always an easy thing to do.

Asking ourselves good challenging questions empowers us to:

  • Expand our thinking
  • Change perceptions
  • Help appreciate another perspective
  • Find different solutions
  • Change our own behaviours
  • Gain better insight into our own motivations and reactions to situations

If you are a person who isn't perhaps getting the best out of your people, then one of the most courageous things you can do is take time to reflect and ask yourself some of these great questions.

Ghandi said ‘Be the change you wish to see'.

Better Questions For Managers To Ask To Become More Compassionate

$9.95 USD