Better Questions For Managers To Ask At A Performance Review


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How to improve employee performance by asking better questions at review time

Some managers and team leaders find conducting performance reviews incredibly stressful. And yet if they could learn to relax and ask some great questions, performance could improve out of sight.

Q: As a manager when you conduct performance reviews are you confident that the questions you are asking will build better relationships with your staff and deal with any problems or challenges they may have?

Because if they don't they should.

Lindsay Tighe once thought that questions were simply a sentence with a question mark on the end of them? Now she knows differently.

She has put together 20 questions which, if you are willing to use at review time, will amaze you.

Because these questions will make the performance review a far more productive conversation.

This e-guide is a communication tool which will assist you as a manager to build rapport and develop a better understanding of your staff and their needs and aspirations.

This Eguide is part of a series of ebooks designed to get you to ask better questions about the different areas of your life and business.

Like all the Eguides in the series, there are no right or wrong answers only good questions.

In this case, good questions which will remove many of the obstacles that can occur during a performance review.

This great tool will also create consistency as the questions apply universally to all staff. The scope they cover allows discussion with staff at all levels and quite simply, makes your job that much easier.

A great tool for new managers, team leaders and even for experienced managers who many like to revisit the way they ask questions at a performance review so that the experience is useful to both parties.

Better Questions For Managers To Ask At A Performance Review

$9.95 USD