Better Questions for a Better You



Questions To Help You Plan Your Year Ahead

A note from the Author:

'Research conducted over recent years shows how powerful our thinking can be as it is possibleto "overwrite" automatic responses by becoming more conscious and creating new thoughts.

My hope in bringing this series of books to you is that you take some time to reflect on the questions that are most relevant for you and in the process of reflecting on better questions you get new thoughts and ideas that lead to better answers. When you have better answers you are empowered to change your life!'

Instructions for the use of Lindsay's resource:

  • This journey is not one to be undertaken casually or with the wrong mindset, so it is important to prepare yourself inreadiness for a life changing experience.
  • Remember that everything starts with a thought and things that we have not even thought of yet become possible.
  • Make notes as you go as this will be beneficial to you in exploring the answers.
  • Make an action plan to record the steps you are going to takeas a result of the insights you get from answering the questions.
  • Approach asking yourself better questions with the best mindset possible. To do this ensure that you have the time and space to reflect upon the questions.

Lindsay's ‘questions' are always refreshing. Give this a go - what have you got to lose? Have a fabulous year.

Better Questions for a Better You

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