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Understanding The Difference Between Assertiveness, Aggression and Passivity

This course material is part of a series of ‘Bite Sized' workshops which are literally ready for you to deliver. You will receive a set of course notes; exercises and debriefs to introduce the difference between assertiveness, aggression and passivity to your participants.

The product features the Car Wars exercise - a fun way of introducing the behavioural styles by putting delegates in the guise of a motorist who is about to park their car when another motorist steals the space from them!

Courseware consists of comprehensive course notes and practical exercises to demonstrate the different behavioural styles.

The training starts by asking delegates to complete an exercise entitled Car Wars - an amusing (but very real) situation of two drivers having a difference of opinion on who got there first for a car parking space. The exercise asks delegates to gauge their reaction and identify whether a number of given approaches to the situation, in addition to their own, are assertive, passive or aggressive.

The course process then discusses and agrees what each of the behavioural styles look like when demonstrated at work, with practical examples and quotations from people operating in the 3 behavioural styles.

What you will receive:

All the ‘Bite Sized' course materials are designed to be interactive with discussions, formal input and syndicated exercises built in. This session is participative and fully involves the delegates who would typically be team members or supervisors.

A Copyright Waiver Licence is included in the price, so that course material may be adapted to suit your own or your organisation's needs.

The materials are fully designed by training experts; have been tested many times in the real world and give you the right to deliver materials to your clients as many times as you desire.

Buying these ‘bite-sized' products will save any trainer, manager or HR person hours of work in designing their own training materials.

About the Designers

ABC Training Solutions is run by Bryan and Mandy Edwards. Bryan is an Institute of Personnel & Development (C.I.P.D.) qualified Trainer, with over 20 years training and personnel experience.

After 5 years as a comprehensive School Teacher, Bryan started his personnel career at Safeways, managing the Human Resource function of a £8m turnover store. Specialising in training in 1989, Bryan joined House of Fraser as Training Manager in a £15m turnover store. After 2 years, he was promoted to Head Office Training Manager, where for 8 years he managed the training and development for over 500 office employees, managing a budget in excess of £130,000, and delivering an extensive range of management and interpersonal skill courses.

Bryan's most recent corporate commercial experience has been as Training Manager at Tiny Computers, a p.c. manufacturer/retailer, with annual sales in excess of £500m. He managed a team of 6 trainers as well as being responsible to design, deliver and evaluate management training programmes for 170 Head Office Team Leaders and Store Managers.


"I thought it worked well in that my participants all did it honestly which I was quite surprised at! I used it near the start of the training and then did part two later that worked well as by then they knew the real difference between passive, assertive and aggressive. Most of them were passive but I had a few aggressive participants so I then had to work hard at making them assertive! I would definitely use the exercise again so thanks very much!"

Course Participant



$36.97 USD