Ancient Wisdom For Today's Managers


$10.00 USD

Rediscovering your intuitive leadership powers.

If you enjoyed Who Moved My Cheese, you will absolutely love this e-book.

Join Leo (a very senior manager) on his magnificent journey of challenge, courage and discovery.

  • Laugh with him as he meets the man in the yellow jacket
  • Yearn with him over the disappearing orange
  • Rage with him when he sees red
  • Walk with him along the magenta line in the jungle
  • Tremble with him when he stands to give the presentation of his life and realizes that his heart just isn't in what he had planned to say

One of those extra special books that come along very rarely. You will not want to put it down.

Mike and Patricia Bell founded the The Wisdom Meme to bring a body of powerful and practical ancient wisdom tools to the benefit of leaders and organisations.

They have shared their teachings, in ceremony, with people of all ages, and in community and organisational settings in Europe and the USA.

They also amassed modern, personal and organisational development skills from their own time as managers, leaders and internal consultants. Their clients include organisations such as Procter and Gamble and Northern Rock.


Ancient Wisdom For Today's Managers

$10.00 USD