Activate Your Human Superpowers



A Path to Your Potential

The author freely acknowledges that her book probably isn't for everyone. She wishes it was! She also suggests that the reader will know very quicklyif it's any use to you and she urges us all to read on.

This book is not about providing you with specific solutions to specificsituations, it's about proposing a new context for life and showing you how touse the power-tools you already have to discover more of who you (and we)are.

She calls these tools our 'superpowers' because they are truly extraordinary.

In her own words:

‘No one can make you use your superpowers, but I am hoping that when you see your life inthe expanded context you will feel compelled to activate them if only to seewhat happens when you do.

Your superpowers will enhance your quality of life in ways you might not evenbe able to imagine from where you sit today.

The new view is expansive, exciting, meaningful and bursting with possibility. It puts us in the hot seat ofour own destiny as individuals and (just as importantly at this time) our ownspecies.

This free chapter covers:

  • The invitation
  • The summons
  • The proposition
Activate Your Human Superpowers

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