A simple 4 stage coaching/delegating process


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Every manager I've ever met seems to be stressed and rushing around like a
mad thing. Why? Yet every team I've ever worked with - and over the past 25+
years I've worked with HUNDREDS of teams - seem to have massive boredom
challenges. Why don't managers hand over more 'stuff' to their teams?

1.      They are too busy to take the time out to train anyone so they keep
going round the perpetual circle of being stressed and over-worked
2.      They probably haven't even noticed how 'bored' their people are -
because (read No.1)
3.       They don't realise that by NOT handing over 'stuff' not only do
they perpetuate their stress levels, but they actually deprive their teams
of learning and growing experiences

So this e-book will take you through a really simple process of deciding
WHAT to delegate - working out WHO would be interested in picking up the
various things a manager wants to delegate - and the PROCESS of doing so.

Simple as that.

About the author - Ann Andrews CSP is a seriously inspirational entrepreneur
who teaches organisations and individuals how to learn, unlearn and relearn
so they can face any change and any challenge likely to hit their lives or
their business.

Ann's early experience in the military exposed her to astounding leadership
skills and an unusual way of working that still amazes people. For the past
20 years Ann has passed on those skills to some of the largest corporates in
New Zealand and Australia , showing them how a simple change in thinking can
massively change their personal and business results.

 A simple 4 stage coaching/delegating process

$15.00 USD


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