A Manager's Guide to Career Conversations


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For most managers conducting performance appraisals/career development sessions is often a chore. Particularly if they have high levels of direct report.

Yet these conversations are aso critical if conducted well. For example:

  • They motivate the person the manager is talking to
  • They give the manager an opportunity to talk about areas the employee can improve
  • They encourage people to look for other opportunities in the organisation
  • They hopefyully stem turnover
  • They create a vital platform for talent management

In this Book Dr Villiers covers the key aspects of the ‘conversation':

  • What an effective career conversation actually IS
  • The qualities and skills needed for career conversations
  • The three-stage career conversation process
  • The importance of strengths
  • How to deal with any issues that can arise during the conversation (and issues CAN arise)

Talent management and retention of key staff are some of the most critical issues facing most organisations in the 21st Century, and yet sadly, very few managers have been taught how to have these potentially challenging conversations.

So this is their/your opportunity.

About the Author

Dr Ann Villiers is Australia's only Mental Nutritionist®, specialising in helping people to think more flexibly and speak more confidently by mastering mind and language sense-making practices. As a wellbeing advocate she would like to see all Australians more skilfully tapping their mind power.

Ann is a learning guide, professional speaker, author and career coach. She has studied sense-making for more than twenty years, drawing on careers as a senior public service manager, educator and business woman.

Dr Villiers lives in Australia's national capital, enjoying all the sense-making that Canberra has to offer.


A Manager's Guide to Career Conversations

$25.00 USD