A Guide To Modern Business Manners

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Etiquette For The 21st Century

For many of us, the pace of life is just too fast to bother with manners. We are overwhelmed with news and communications, fast food outlets. We probably don't have the funds to take clients to expensive restaurants and hold long luxurious client lunches, and so people often assume there is no need to worry about how we eat and how we entertain.

However, in a world of increasing social mobility, a knowledge of basic good manners and social conventions will guide us in acceptable social behaviour, and leave a good impression on whoever we are socializing with. Even if these days social etiquette is less obsessive than in the days of our grandparents.

We now live in a society where quite often, the majority of families don't eat together, and table manners haven't been passed down or are even considered to be a thing of the past. So it is no surprise that our younger people have little idea or no idea of how to conduct themselves in smarter surroundings.

Etiquette, in it's simplest form, is simply the manifestation of good behavior - don't sabotage your client relationship or your career prospects by not understanding how important good manners are.

Key elements of this very timely e-book are:

  • Which piece of cutlery to pick up first? And how to hold it?
  • General dining do's and don'ts
  • Cell phone etiquette
  • Caring about the waiting staff
  • Don't sabotage your career
  • Know your food and wines
  • Exit strategies
  • How to be the perfect guest
  • Breakfast meetings
  • Lunch meetings

If you have staff who need to take clients out to eat, this book needs to be part of their Induction Pack!

A Guide To Modern Business Manners

$9.97 USD