A Guide to Creating or Updating Your Induction Programme


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How To Ensure New Staff Know What Is Important To Your Organization From Day 1

Thoughts are like eggs. If properly incubated they become chickens and finally grow into productive hens.

It's the same with new employees in your company.

Some companies have great induction programmes for new staff; others have marginal ones, some have absolutely terrible ones, some have no induction programme at all. Employees are left to fend for themselves and work things out as they go.

The induction period has such a huge effect on how a new employee will perform (or not) and how quickly they will perform (or not). It may take several days to complete a successful induction but this is a small price to pay in the modern quest for productivity and staff retention.

Step 1: Define the procedures of an employee start up process
Step 2: Conduct a needs analysis to determine the objectives of your induction programme
Step 3: Identify your audience
Step 4: Determine the delivery methods of the programme (not everything has to be done by a person)
Step 5: Consider what visual aids would work best for your process
Step 6: The 7 steps to putting induction online
Step 7: The need for follow up

In addition to this 7 step approach to designing or refining your existing induction process, this e-book also contains several case-studies of organizations where the process was tested, so you, the reader, can safely know that the contents are not just pie-in-the-sky theory, the steps have been tested and trialled and refined so you can safely implement them in your own organization quickly, safely and effectively.


A Guide to Creating or Updating Your Induction Programme

$29.97 USD