7 Things A Marketing Agency From the Future Would Never Say



Why You Need To Wake Up and Smell The Disruption

According to the author of this whitepaper (Shannon Johnson) the biggest problem agencies of the future will face won't be attracting new business; their online marketing will do the heavy lifting in that sense.

Instead, their biggest challenge will be growing and training their employee base to ensure they have the inbound marketing skills they're most likely not learning elsewhere, and definitely not learning in higher education.

She goes on to say that finding top talent has always been a struggle for most agencies, and this will continue to be the case especially as the role of the future marketer evolves to wear far more hats than in the past.

At the very least, future marketers must have digital chops, outstanding writing and multimedia creation skills, interpersonal skills, some online influence and reach, and an ability to understand, manipulate and analyze data. Very few people have all of the above. Next gen agencies will have robust onboarding and training programs in place to accelerate ongoing employee growth and development.

Some of the 7 things

  • We offer inbound marketing services to our clients, but we don't do inbound marketing ourselves
  • Our clients keep paying us even though they don't know what they are getting
  • We don't offer SEO services because social media is the new SEO


Sound like your organization?

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7 Things A Marketing Agency From the Future Would Never Say

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