5 Easy Steps to Perfect Employee Performance


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How to find and keep perfect staff. Never have to fire a worker

After more than 30 years in retail, management and marketing, the author shares what she learned about:

  • Getting more customers and keeping them
  • How to make more sales
  • How to find, train and direct staff to achieve better performance

Sigrid de Kaste is a successful Business owner and Business woman.

She shows you how you, too, can use her ideas to put in place the processes and procedures needed to have a successful business. She will share her insights on how to use communication, intuition and inventiveness to succeed in your business.

This e-book is a totally practical tool. It draws on the experiences the author used which she has condensed into 5 simple steps:

  1. Finding qualified, competent employees. Using personality traits, yours, your existing staff and your new staff to create the perfect team
  2. Getting employees to set and accomplish powerful objectives by using communication to say what you mean and say it so it matters. Learn language patterns to create good communication.
  3. Providing staff with inspiring training. Ensuring employees understand the processes and measurements in your business so that they can develop and perform.
  4. Turning around problem employees. Using goal setting, monitoring and appraisal to turn problem employees into high performing employees as well as helping them become great contributors to the team.Successful team building.
  5. Successful teams require leaders. The book will help you assess and improve your leadership abilities.

The entire book is laid out in a simple and logical manner to help any manager build teams and develop employees. It is designed to help you understand yourself better so that you can put together better teams, find new employees and make a real difference in your business.If you are a business owner or manager, then this book should become the daily resource you dip into for ideas and inspiration.

It WILL make a difference to the performance of your business.

5 Easy Steps to Perfect Employee Performance

$27.00 USD