37 Winning Tips and Strategies of Self Made Millionaire Entrepreneurs



37 Millionaires Share Their Tips For Making Your First Million

You will absolutely love this book. If you are thinking of starting your very own business, or if you have started and are feeling a bit stuck, then check out the tips. For me the book came at a time when I absolutely needed a boost – we were kind of out of the recession but still feeling the aftermath. I’ve picked out my top 11 tips but there are so many more. For example:

#1        If you are not prepared to see success through to the end, don’t begin it

#2        If you don’t believe in your products and services, don’t even begin

#5        Look after your cash-flow

#8        Failure is inevitable as an entrepreneur, learn from it and turn it into a positive

#13      Risk is essential but it must be calculated

#15      To be successful you must first feel uncomfortable

#20      Build a balanced team

#22      Keep focused exclusively on your goal. Don’t get distracted

#28      Don’t procrastinate – take action

#34      Leverage, leverage, leverage

#36      Know exactly how you are going to make your first million

Meet just two of the authors:

Sir Christopher Evans - one of the founding fathers of the Cambridge biotech cluster and founder of the international investment house - Excalibur - a merger of the operations of Evans' Merlin Biosciences  and  Merchant Ventures, a financial services group specialising in venture capital, private equity and structured finance.

The brains behind some of Cambridge’s leading bio success stories, like Celltech and Celsis, Sir Chris has also invested in a number of local start-ups through his Merlin vehicle. Director of Britain's first free-market think tank, the Institute of Economic Affairs, from 1957-1987, Lord Ralph Harris played a pivotal role in changing the climate of opinion in Britain, turning it away from state planning toward market solutions.

Duncan Bannatyne OBE – of Dragon’s Den fame. He is considered to be one of Britain’s most recognisable entrepreneurs, as well as being a philanthropist and best-selling author.

His business interests include Health Clubs, Hotels, Media, TV, Stage Schools, Property and Transport. He is most famous for his appearances as a business angel on the BBC programme Dragons Den, where he is by far the wealthiest expert on the panel.

He has written 3 books: Anyone Can Do It sold more than 200,000 copies; Wake Up and Change Your Life quickly entered the Sunday Telegraph top selling books list, as did How to be smart with money.

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37 Winning Tips and Strategies of Self Made Millionaire Entrepreneurs

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