19 Web Presentation Questions and Commonsense Answers



A Whitepaper to handle the challenges of on-line presentations

The thought of being a webinar presenter versus a live face-to-audience presenter, can be quite daunting.

Webinars can be such a powerful tool in today's busy, financially challenged business world.

  • If you are a professional speaker you can present to an audience of thousands literally from the comfort of your own desk
  • If you are a trainer - you can use webinars to put your training online so trainees can access the content anywhere, and any time
  • If you are a business owner or a manager, using webinars instead of sending people offsite to attend expensive training programmes could save you literally thousands of dollars.

However, webinars ARE a different medium for presenting, and one that does require some different techniques to be successful. Many people who are relaxed about presenting physically find the thought of conducting a virtual presentation incredibly stressful; a bit like trying to "program your DVR" at the same time as presentingWayne Turmel has been conducting webinars for many, many years. He is a global expert on their use. He brings his 20+ years of presentation experience off-line and on-line together in this white paper.

He not only addresses 19 key questions that seem to concern the new webinar presenter, but he also provides ways that a presenter can handle online situations and stay in control of their presentation.

Just as a live presentation has some challenges, so does a virtual presentation. The questions asked and answered include the major concerns of presenters. Some of these are:

  • How to encourage participants chatting without losing control
  • How to deal with technical problems during the presentation
  • The incredible value of polling and other tools in webinars
  • How to fix the "umms" and "errs" of presentations and keep energy high when there is no audience ‘feed back'
  • What preparations to make before a presentation
  • The differences in presenting to Baby Boomers and Gen Y's when online
  • The right length of a webinar and the best number of slides to use

These are just a few of the questions Wayne answers. So if you are a presenter or a would-be presenter who wants to deliver virtually this white paper is a brilliant entry into this virtual presentation world; or a way to make your current presentation skills even better. And the best news is - it is FREE. So download it now and improve your on-line presentations by knowing how to handle the most common challenges of presenters moving to the virtual world.

19 Web Presentation Questions and Commonsense Answers

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