17th Annual Global CEO Survey - The View from China,



China's growth and pace of change is enormous, and its CEOs want to keep it that way, according to our survey. 

Its CEOs are confident about growth, but recognise the challenges that come from a maturing domestic economy. Tax burdens, rising labour costs and over-regulation are key concerns, with a focus on maintaining the strong performance of the past three decades. 

So how is China responding? Given the scale of opportunities in China, its CEOs have a strong domestic focus, yet at the same time, were the third largest overseas investor in 2013. Product and service innovation, with a focus on efficiency is how its CEOs will stay on top. And with ongoing reform and the opening of the Chinese economy, we believe New Zealand is positioned well to gain greater access to China's vast business opportunities. 

Please give us a call if you wish to discuss our findings further with our Partner and China Markets Leader, Colum Rice. 

17th Annual Global CEO Survey - The View from China,

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