100 Ideas That Changed Marketing



The A - Z of Modern Online Marketing

According to Hubspot, ‘marketing has gone through many transformations, especially in the last decade. Marketing focus has shifted from print media to online media. We have all witnessed the decline of direct mail and cold calling. Technology has introduced new tools that make our communication with potential customers more efficient. Social media has risen as a dominant platform for two-way communication and feedback collection. With marketers' increasing access to more customer data online, the issue of ebbing privacy has emerged, not to mention the rapid adoption of smart mobile devices and people's addiction to real-time communication.

These are only a few of the recent changes marketing has gone through. If we revisit history, we will encounter a lot more events and ideas that have defined the contours of the marketing industry. Starting with the movable type, through the invention of the TV and radio to the development of PR as a discipline, we have certainly witnessed the birth and redesign of one of the world's most versatile professions.

To help sketch out the reinvention of marketing and put in a larger historical and sociological perspective, in this e-book, HubSpot highlights 100 ideas that have changed the industry forever.'

If you are marketing in the online world, then this e-book will give you snippets of what's really new and what's really hot. You may not need every piece of information in the book - you may know some of it you may know lots of it, but chances are you won't know ALL of it.

So grab this book - it is a really easy read.

The author is Magdalena Georgieva - an inbound marketing manager at HubSpot, responsible for the company's marketing content offers, such as ebooks and webinars (including the world's largest webinar).

Previously, Maggie was on HubSpot's email marketing team, managed the company's landing page creation and optimization, and jump started the production of HubSpot's customer case studies.

She is a regular blogger for the HubSpot blog and has contributed to other sites and publications, such as MarketingProfs, Brian Solis' blog, BostInnovation.com and The St. Petersburg Times.


100 Ideas That Changed Marketing

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