10 Rules of Selling


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How To Increase Your Sales By 50% Without Making One Call

Modern sales have changed dramatically. There are very few organisations that do not have massive competition; and the secret to staying alive in a world of same-old, same-old businesses is for everyone in your organization to understand your products and services; to be passionate about those products and services, and to have the skills to ‘sell' those products and services.

Even in a crowded market-place, there are always opportunities, and a well-trained sales team will see those opportunities. The net result of taking the time to train your people, is a workforce of happy employees and customers who are being looked after effectively and efficiently.

This e-book is a succinct set of 10 questions; 10 rules and 7 clearly defined steps to follow. For example:

Q: Do you have a large volume of customers who call you?
Q: Do you have a process of analyzing your calls?
Q: Do you regularly train your staff on how to deal with customers?
Q: Do your staff understand what they are selling? Really understand.
Q: Do you regularly physically communicate changes to team members about new products? Sales meetings etc.

Some of those questions may seem obvious; but can you honestly say ‘yes' to each question?

And then there are the ‘rules':

Rule No 1: Don't say anything until you have found out what the customer
really wants. Even more important don't assume you know until you find out.
Rule No 3: Build a set of clear customer service questions
Rule No 5: Make sure everyone is telling the same story

The secret of being a great salesperson; great sales manager or achieving great sales results is down to the questions you ask and how you ask those questions.

Every question that is asked is a step closer to giving the customer what they would like.

This e-book should become every sales person's bible. Buy a copy for every one of your team. Follow the ‘rules' and watch your sales increase.

It's as easy as that.

10 Rules of Selling

$9.97 USD