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What will bankers and traders now be calling themselves?
26 Feb 2009
Wonder what these guys will now be calling themselves when they are networking or out socially - don't think their professions are so worthy any longe...
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Buying a successful business off someone else, doesn't guarantee success going forward
25 Feb 2009
Many years ago I worked as Personnel Officer for a large engineering company. Part of their growth strategy was buying up smal competitors. One buy ou...
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Is the world Stuff'd?
24 Feb 2009
We bought a brand new microwave last year and here we are, just outside the warranty and it has konked out....I'm sure we have had at least three in u...
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If I asked your significant other - what is your most irritating trait, what would they say?
22 Feb 2009
this is a question I always asked after completing an interview with someone - I'd put down my pen (giving the impression that the interview wa...
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Have you had a 'sliding door' moment?
22 Feb 2009
You know - one of those times in your life where you have had to choose between one path or career or another relationship or ...
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Do you Zig when others Zag?
20 Feb 2009
I'm pretty guilty of it myself at times.....when everyone was furiously buying rental properties, I thought I should too. Then the property market cra...
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What would you do if what you do as a job or for a living,vanished TOMORROW?
19 Feb 2009
Huge numbers of people are facing redundancy; equally as many are probably looking at the demise of their business.... WHAT WILL YOU DO I...
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What can you NOT say No to?
18 Feb 2009
For me - * A visit from my grandchildren - even if I have deadlines and work piled up around my ears * Cappuchinos - anywhere, any...
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What are YOUR customers telling you about the recession?
14 Feb 2009
This week I had two speaking engagements - the first one was entitled 'Find Your Passion' and twice the number of people showed up as we had anticipated; the following night I had an engagement called 10 Ways to Beat a Recession and about a quarter of ...
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