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What is one unusual thing you look at or for when recruiting?
29 Mar 2009
I have always looked at shoes - being ex Navy and brainwashed with spit and polish thinking, it's the first thing I check when I am about to interview...
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Did you take part in Earth Hour?
28 Mar 2009
Although to some it may seem to be just a 'gesture' - Sydney was the first city to try it and saved many millions of dollars in that one hour ...I rea...
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Who have you lost trust in?
27 Mar 2009
I was following an interesting blog on ecademy about trust and the world's now lack of trust in bankers (did we ever really trust them?).....and then ...
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Who or what would 'make your day' today?
26 Mar 2009
A few clients owe me money, it would make my day if they paid.... I'm heading over to Australia next week to make a presentation about Th...
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What EFFICIENCIES have you implemented in your business since the melt-down?
24 Mar 2009
Like everyone else I'm looking at all my costings and outgoings. I have: * Negotiated with my key salesperson to go 50/50 on any sales he...
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Have you noticed some old-fashioned business ideas re-emerging?
24 Mar 2009
I have just read an article about local businesses here returning to Barter - hairdressers swapping a haircut for getting their lawns done acco...
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What's good about the "R" word for you and your business?
22 Mar 2009
What about: ....releasing....reversing....rethinking....recycling....relinquishing<br ...
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AIG boss backs the wrong horse!
21 Mar 2009
When Edward Liddy received his giant government bailout (US$85b) he had two choices: 1. Pay the bonuses to staff 2. NOT pay bonuse...
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What does EGO cost in business?
20 Mar 2009
As an ex franchisor I occasionally get a call from an unhappy franchisee - this couple are the top performers in this particlar franchise (in NZ and A...
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15 Great Ideas for Marketing on a Shoestring
19 Mar 2009
I was looking for something yesterday in my miscellaneous box of stuff (the place I put bits of paper I don't want to lose)...and found this old <a hr...
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How are you using the economic downturn to position yourself for future opportunities?
18 Mar 2009
I had started The Corporate Toolbox a couple of years ago for a very different set of reasons other than an economic melt-down - simply because when I...
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Would you describe your business as AGILE?
17 Mar 2009
If ever there was a time when, as business owners, we need to be able to respond to opportunities at speed - it is now. How quickly are ...
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Have you reached your full potential yet?
15 Mar 2009
I work with teams in the corporate world as see so many people who have literally 'switched off' - particularly the 45+ people. It's almost as if they...
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Does bonus pay actually increase productivity?
13 Mar 2009
With the size of bonuses we have just been hearing about on Wall Street and in the banking sector all over the world, probably most of us would say - ...
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How will school/Uni leavers get a job in this tragic job market
12 Mar 2009
I recently wrote a blog 'How would you make your CV stand out from the herd' and had some fabulous...
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How would you make your CV stand out from the herd?
10 Mar 2009
I've just read that 700 people in America applied for a job as a caretaker. That is scary! If you were in the job market now, facing hund...
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Are there some things politicians should keep their hands off?
08 Mar 2009
Over my lifetime I have seen many governments come and go, and it seems to me that the first thing they do is undo everything the previous government ...
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What is the Unions role in this global financial crisis?
08 Mar 2009
In New Zealand we are suffering too - though perhaps not quite as severely as many other countries. Our banks have always been rather conservative and...
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Is 2009 the year of living Courageously? What courageous things are you doing this year to stay in business?
03 Mar 2009
I made the decision in January to let my clients know that I wouldn't be working with teams after this year - I guess I thought there might be a flurr...
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What 3 Key Actions are you taking to stay in business during these turbulent times?i
01 Mar 2009
I am like a lot of people - a sole trader - and because the bulk of my income comes from in-house training, a lot of my regular work has been postpone...
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