Why small businesses are fed up with government


'Banks received $700 billion dollars in handouts in October 2008, with almost no regulations or restrictions. In February 2009, big businesses and big state governments received $787 billion, an incomprehensible $1.5 trillion total dollars. General Motors alone received $30 billion dollars when they would not have qualified for a credit card.

The top job provider in the U.S. economy is businesses under 10 employees. Those with 11-19 employees are second. Seventy-nine percent (79%) of all businesses in America have less than 10 employees. Yet they receive little or NO help from government.'

Those are American stats, but I would guess they are repeated in the UK and Australia and certainly here in NZ.

Chuck Blakeman is the champion of small business - those are his remarks - read his full article here - ann

Posted by Ann Andrews CSP, filed under Tool-box News and posted on 24 Jan 2013

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