Think your purpose on earth is done? If you are alive - it isn't

That's a kind of strangled quote from Richard Bach. The beginning of each year is traditionally when we set our New Year resolutions; something I stopped doing years ago cos by the end of Feb I'd failed on most of them (give up chocolate; lose weight; get more exercise).

But our purpose is different from simply resolutions. The big question WHY ARE WE HERE? Or - why are we here at this particular time?

The world didn't end on 21st December (phew) - but we are certainly facing some big challenges as a planet (think the massive storms that hit America; the huge fires burning across Australia).

Time to face some realities as a race. Time to make some BIG decisions about our legacy to our grandchildren.

So if you think your purpose on earth is done, and you are alive, so clearly it isn't - then check out this article by Dr Richard Norris and have a big think.


Posted by Ann Andrews CSP, filed under Tool-box News and posted on 14 Jan 2013

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