NZ a happy place to live and apparently a great place to be educated

Just seen the OECD rankings on various factors per country. Apparently NZ ranks as follows:

* 11/36 for overall well being
* 8/36 for percentage of people in paid work
* 11/36 for life expectancy (if we keep out of the sun)
* 5/36 for education (that's a total surprise)
* 8/36 for safety
* 30/36 for work life balance (which seems at odds with our well being and life expectancy
* 36/36 for finances (percentage of income spent on housing. Auckland is now the 3rd most expensive place in the world to live.

So we live well, are well educated, work hard but may soon have to start living in tents!!

Only joking, there's nowhere I'd rather live - ann

Posted by Ann Andrews CSP, filed under Tool-box News and posted on 24 Jan 2013

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