Are your young sales people even remotely capable of reading buying signals

According to Barry Urquhart ' many of those entering or who have recently entered the workforce are adept at interacting with smart phones, iPads, tablets and computers, but not so with human beings.

With a cruel trust of fate, some managers in their endeavours to address and redress the significant sales and profit leakage have compounded the deficiency and the problem. They have implemented on-line training programs about customer service, selling skills and positive interpersonal relationships!

So agree. I've just had my step-son staying with us - he works for one of the biggest computer companies in the world - who shall remain nameless - trying to have a conversation with him was like pulling teeth.

If you have young sales people who can relate to texting etc but can't hold a conversation with another human being, you might like to read the full article here - ann

Posted by Ann Andrews CSP, filed under Tool-box News and posted on 24 Jan 2013

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