70% of NZ workers looking for new jobs!

Which is a staggering figure.

Reasons given for the desire to move:

* Workplace morale - 22%
* Variety of work 19%
* Lack of career prospects 12%
* Co-workers 10%
* Direct manager 10%
* Benefits and conditions 7%
* Salary 7%

A message there if organisations don't want the cost of replacement (which is about 2.5 times a person's salary)

MAKE WORK MORE INTERESTING - let people swap jobs
HAVE CAREER PLANS AND TRAINING IN PLACE - even if it means that eventually people will leave you because they have become over-qualified - at least you will have an energised and motivated worker while they are learning
CREATE A HAPPY ENVIRONMENT - the happiest places I have ever consulted are the ones with a great social club! That doesn't cost a lot.

Look after your staff - ann

(Information came from SEEK - a NZ job hunting site)

Posted by Ann Andrews CSP, filed under Tool-box News and posted on 09 Jan 2011

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