How To Deal With Abrasive Bosses


Abrasive leaders rub their co-workers the wrong way. Their words and actions create interpersonal friction that grates on subordinates, peers, and superiors, grinding away at trust and motivation, inflicting deep wounds and disrupting the smooth flow of work. The management styles of abrasive leaders include one or more of the following characteristic behaviours: over-control, overreaction, threats, public humiliation, and/or condescension.

These individuals present a significant challenge as they are unable or unwilling to see the impact of their destructive styles on co-workers and on the greater organization.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Common myths about abrasive leaders and workplace bullying
  • Why abrasive leaders resort to interpersonal aggression in their management styles
  • Why these individuals are blind to the nature and impact of their destructive behaviours
  • Interventions that management need to make

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Hosted by Fiona White Category Performance Evaluation
Starts At 09:00PM (NZST) Finishes At 10:00PM (NZST)

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