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So you want to start your own business? Congratulations.

Being our own boss is something most of us dream about. No-one to push us around or demand that we work faster and harder - usually for no extra pay.

The bad news is that you will probably work longer hours for much less pay for a very long time. The good news is that you are working for YOU and that whatever rewards you create, you own them.

One of the best models for understanding the challenges of a start up business is Professor Charles Handy’s Sigmoid Curve:


Sigmoid Curve (Image)

You will see that at the ‘start up’ phase, you actually go backwards before you go forwards. It is totally normal. The main thing during this phase is that you have:

  • Adequate cash flow to see you through setting up your business (office equipment, premises etc)
  • A clearly defined business plan
  • A clear marketing strategy
  • Access to potential customers
  • A website and a way of driving traffic to the site (most people Google everything they are looking for and if you don’t have an online presence you stand to lose a whole lot of potential customers
  • Access to great resources to understand what it means to BE in business

We are passionate about helping Start Ups. Check our amazing tools, templates, e.books etc. Ideas and strategies that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but will give you, not only an understanding of the processes required, but also encouragement to keep going.

Check below for great tips and tools to help you 'get started'.

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