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Wayne Turmel is an ex comedian turned writer, speaker and consultant. He is the president of Greatwebmeetings.com and host the business podcast - The Cranky Middle Manager Show

Wayne Turmel is a wr iter, speaker and former corporate drone from Chicago. He is the president of Greatwebmeetings.com, as well as the host of one of the world's most successful business podcasts - The Cranky Middle Manager Show.

Originally from the small town of Mission, British Columbia, he spent over 15 years working as a stand-up comedian, headlining nightclubs throughout Canada and the US and opening for musical acts such as Chicago and Hall and Oates. He moved to Los Angeles in 1991, where his arrival coincided with the end of the comedy club boom.

There is no known connection between the two events.

Waking up one morning with a wife and child to support, he quit the road and entered corporate life. There he found himself in a number of sales jobs, notably selling cars and telemarketing computer parts while he discovered his real love- teaching adults in the business world.

He worked his way up from free-lance training gigs to working with Fortune 500 clients as the Director of Faculty for Communispond, one of the world's premiere communication training companies.

As a writer, Wayne has contributed regularly to professional journals and has written well-received chapters in respected training-related anthologies with catchy titles like the “American Society for Training and Development Handbook of Instructional Technology” and the “American Management Association Handbook of E-Learning”.

With everything Wayne does, he brings all his humor and life experience to bear as he addresses turning 40 and the myriad of social and spiritual questions that accompany entering middle age.

His humor, honesty and curiosity will appeal to a wide audience of like-minded readers.

He's a sought-after speaker at professional conferences with his keynote speech "Togas,Tights and Ties: 2500 Years of Practical Business Advice".

He also has a new presentation called: "Lessons Learned From the Best-The Best of the Cranky Middle Manager Show" and is a regular contributor to the "Thought Leader's" column on www.management-issues.com, the world's leading management web site.



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