Sharn Rayner 

Sharn Rayner is the Director of human resources and organisational development consultancy - Pod Consulting.

Sharn helps employers to develop practices which improve employee performance, productivity and ultimately, profitability.

Sharn's career expands began her career in sports development, leisure management, training and coaching. Since then Sharn have developed her skills to focus on working with businesses in the areas of facilitation, organisational development and human resources.

Sharn is a member of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ), and was a finalist in the Bloom Her Businesswoman of the Year Awards 2011.

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Remuneration Review
While we may like to believe that employees work for the love of it, the reality is that unless you have a lotto winner on staff, most of your employees will need to receive payment for their work. The first step in any remuneration review is est...
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Workforce Planning – Factors for Consideration
What is Workforce Planning? Simply put, workforce planning is about forecasting your current and future staffing needs in relation to your strategic business objectives, then addressing matters relating to the supply of labour, for example are the...
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10 Ways to Increase Motivation
1. Make sure you're setting a good example of productivity and cheerfulness. Don't let your own moods distract other employees from their work.
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Types of Workplace Surveys
How do you obtain insight into your business and the thoughts and feelings of those that work for you?
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Who Pays the Cost of Work Related Stress?
It is undeniable that there is a high physical and emotional toll paid by individuals suffering from excessive workplace stress. However, the costs of this stress are not paid by the individual alone. There is also significant spill over to fami...
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