Seth Godin 

SETH GODIN has written fourteen books that have been translated into more than thirty languages. Every one has been a best seller. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.

American Way Magazine calls him, "America's Greatest Marketer," and his blog is perhaps the most popular in the world written by a single individual. His latest book, We Are All Weird, calls for end of mass and for the beginning of offering people more choices, more interests and giving them more authority to operate in ways that reflect their own unique values.


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Articles by Seth Godin

Entitlement Is Optional
It's not forced on us, it's something we choose.
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Two Quality Spirals Worth Avoiding
The downward quality spiral: You cut some corners, saving some time and some money.
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It's Not The Bottom It's The Foundation
Organizations are built on the work of people who don’t get paid very much, don’t receive sufficient respect and are understandably wary of the promises they’ve been hearing for years
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Education is the answer
It almost doesn't matter what the question is, really. Everyone is an independent actor, now more than ever, with access to information, to tools, to the leverage to make a difference.
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If Not Now, When?
Care a little more.
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