Sandy Geyer 

Educational Publisher, Author, Specialist sales trainer and business coach

Sandy Geyer is the MD of an educational publishing company, a property investment company and a specialist training company.  She is also the author of "My Long Flight from freedom" ... a personal story of her journey through and out of the new South Africa.

Sandy has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by business owners and having recently moved countries to expand her business, her experience and knowledge in this field is up to date and appropriate to today's market. 

She is not afraid to succeed in all areas of her life and her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm in the sales and leadership fields are the focus of her energetic and informative presentations and workshops.

Sandy's ability to develop certain success habits and recognise the power of choice has been the central ingredients of her success in her businesses, her family life and her music career. She has a degree in Industrial Psychology (BA); is a certified DISC trainer which relates to communication and teams and has 15 years experience in running her own successful companies. Throughout her school, work and music career Sandy has taken a leadership role.

Sandy specialises in developing individuals within organizations including schools as she has direct experience with many schools and teachers as an educational publisher. Having experience of diverse industries she inspires and motivates teams and staff to achieve their full potential and to take ownership of their own destinies.

She says; "Most of us have been exposed to the basics of "how to be successful" in our personal and professional lives at some point. Only an average of 5% of us actually applies them. When I speak and train I tell people WHY they don't apply the basics, I show them HOW to apply them and I inspire them to WANT to apply them".



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By Sandy Geyer
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