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Robyn Pearce is a researcher, author, international speaker, business woman and time management specialist. She is also a Past President of The National Sperakers' Association of NZ and immediate Past President of IFFPS - the international body for professional speakers based in the USA.

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Why Do We Work Such Long Hours?
As I work with clients in many countries, a recurring theme is how to work less hours. Some are doing it but most are still seeking that particular Holy Grail! Trouble is, many think they’re locked in, with no choice but to work crazy hours.
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When Mistakes Are Okay
I met John very early in my career as a time management trainer and speaker. He had put himself through university by doing casual farm work. His story about how to teach someone a new task is still as vivid as the day he told it.
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Are You Encouraging Laziness?
Laurie has mid-level responsibilities in an IT firm. It’s fast-paced, the firm is growing fast, new faces keep showing up every week, and an underlying sense of organised chaos permeates the whole firm of about 200 people.
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Is Work/Life Balance A Myth?
Work/life balance is given a lot of lip service in the corporate world – but what does that really mean, and how is it played out in the business world?
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Email Overload
.......is always in the top five most common problems my workshop participants complain about.
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