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Justin Cunningham is a business coach/creative/marketer/future trend enthusiast/musician and speaker. This man oozes energy and passion and ideas.

Justin's working career to date has spanned 20 years in senior management in the retail sector and 10 years self employed in the national and international events sector.

In Justins creative endeavours he has performed music in 5 countries, reached number 1 on the NZ music charts, mentored aspiring musical children for the NZ music industry commission, designed a successful international clothes label and created websites for international entrepreneurial networks.

Helping others fulfill their aspirations through coaching is a natural extension of a path he was already worn. He recently become a certified NLP practitioner, has plotted a new path of public speaking, and thought provoking writing, and has 3 entrepreneurial projects ready to launch in 2010.

Justin Cunningham
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3 Key SalesStar Lessons that Changed My Life in Sales
I wanted to share the 3 lessons that I learned as a sales person, and as a business owner that truly opened my eyes to what was possible, and what has blocked my success in the past.
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2 Easy Ways to Destroy your Sales (something we all do!)
The 2 biggest things we see destroying sales velocity, sales conversion and sales effectiveness are things we have all done.
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Sales Manager - Psychopaths need not apply
Example A local Sales Manager goes a little bit crazy and ‘flies off the handle' at her staff over some mistake that was made, and storms out of the room.
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Can you Accelerate your New Sales Stars on the Road to Glory?
We have all been in jobs where we smiled through the job interview, got the role, and then were dropped in the deep end and told to swim.
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When your Sales Pipeline has the Flu
As we enter winter it can be easy to accept that things will slow down and that we can retrench until a brighter selling season is upon us. We find that just like fighting the flu however, if you are prepared and are maintaining your health with g...
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