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John Shackleton CSP is an ex swimming coach, performance expert and is passionate about helping businesses raise their game.

In his youth John failed to succeed as a sportsman - low self-esteem always held him back, causing him to consistently miss out by fractions of a second and therefore never quite reaching an International standard.

But this failure led him to study Sports Psychology and to then become a professional Sports Coach.

Those early personal failures and subsequent enlightenment about his self-esteem challenges, resulted in going on to shape successes in his business life; sporting life and speaking career.  

He has gone on to coach numerous world-class sports men and women - and had the good fortune to  work with three New Zealanders, helping them achieve top 10 places in the recent Beijing Olympics.

His own sporting successes came later in life.  

By applying sports psychology to his own sport, at the age of 50 John swam life time best times and achieved three top 10 places at the World Masters Swimming Championships in Italy 2004. He still competes today and believes that much of his success in life comes from the lessons he has learnt from his sport.

John has built a number of very successful businesses. He built one of the UK's largest training company of it's kind. Became a business coach to many CEO's and senior executives and found himself in very high demand as a keynote speaker all over Europe and the US.

In his presentations he draws on his own business and sporting successes and failures, talking to sales people, managers and business owners about applying the sports psychology techniques he's used himself to improve their performance and achieve greater results.

"Most people really want to achieve more, however no matter how successful they are, they're often held back by their own thinking, their attitudes, limiting beliefs and fragile self esteem. Sports psychology helps people to change this and harness the awesome power they have inside to create outstanding results in their lives."

Over the last 20 years John has spoken to most of the world's major Pharmaceutical and Insurance companies, many of Europe's top Banks and Finance Houses and the majority of the top Real Estate companies throughout Australasia.

His recent clients include: Air New Zealand, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Honda, Renault, Westpac Bank, ANZ Bank, National Bank, Tower Insurance, AMP, AXA, Canon, Sharp, Sony, Kodak, Avon, Burger King, Subway etc.

He speaks throughout Australasia, the USA and Asia to a wide variety of audiences of mainly Sales people, Managers and Business owners.

As a keynote speaker and workshop leader John won the 2004 Inspirational Speaker of the Year, the 2005 Business Person of the Year and the prestigious 2007 Speaker of the Year (Auckland)  as voted for by NSANZ (the National Speakers Association of New Zealand).

In 2007 he achieved his CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) from NSA Australia. This designation is awarded to only the top 5% of professional speakers World wide and only 4 have ever been awarded to New Zealand presenters.

His unique background and experience has made him a powerful motivational speaker with a story borne out of life experience not trite text book theory. His humorous but hard hitting style will have his audiences laughing and crying but more importantly they will find themselves making big changes to their thinking processes and taking greater levels of personal responsibility then ever before in their life.

"My passion is showing people that, no matter what level they are currently performing at, self limitation is what holds them back. Sport psychology teaches us about self belief and how important it is to achieving everything we are capable of. All we need to do to raise our own game is to apply the techniques that sports people use, to our business and personal life."


Brilliant, exceptional, because of your input it's been the best conference I've been to in 20 years.
- Ian Wilson - Head of Retail Credit - Royal Bank of Scotland.

I have been monitoring the team's performance and there's been a marked increase in sales immediately after your presentations. Thanks for your help and I look forward to working with you again.
- Peter Jones - Telesales Manager - Mercury Communications.

The feedback from your sessions has been outstanding, striking a cord with many in the group and certainly creating a desire to strive for more. The structure and delivery were perfectly pitched, and the balance between active and passive participation of the audience spot on. Many thanks for your participation in our Conference.
- Tracey Berry - Head of Wealth Management - Westpac Bank.




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