John Murphy 

John Murphy has been running his own consultancy business, John Murphy International, for over 10 years.

John specializes in getting his clients to identify and focus on those activities that will deliver the maximum results in their business and life. John is also an excellent mentor and helps leaders and managers coach and develop their people to achieve the results they are capable of.

He works with business owners, CEOs and senior executives across a broad range of industries, and as his business is online, the business is location independent.


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Articles by John Murphy

Employee Engagement: Does it Really Impact The Bottom Line?
We hear a lot of talk about employee engagement - but are they just words and does it matter? Does it really impact bottom line? When we talk about it, do we know what we are going to do, or is it just aspirational?
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What's The Price of One Hour Of Your Time?,
A challenge for so many managers, entrepreneurs and leaders who I come in contact with is the following - what should I be spending my time on?
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Teams Winning Gloriously
As you all know the focus of my business is primarily around creating successful teams.
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Leaders Need to Train and Practice
With the recent death of Muhammad Ali, I was reminded of something he said about training and practising:
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Where's Your route To The Future You?
Very often clients want to spend time talking to me about the issues that they are currently challenged with. This is perfectly valid.
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