Jenni Murphy-Scanlon 

Jenni is the originator of the concept of Strategical Savvy - competence in thinking strategically and being recognised by others as a strategic thinker.

She helps managers, professionals and business owners to maximise their career and business potential through workshops, coaching programmes and e-products.



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9 Powerful Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Plan Succession
The idea that planning succession is important has been around for some time now, and yet despite the seemingly excellent reasons for doing so, few organizations appear to be able to get a successful succession planning process off the ground. So...
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Why You Need The News!
Thinking strategically inherently involves thinking about the future. Strategic thinkers can make linkages between decisions today and the future impacts. If you are unable to envisage how the future may be different to the present, then you are ...
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How To Generate New Ideas
Ever wondered how some people manage to always come up with different or creative ideas, while you seem to keep coming back to the same old ones?
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How to Get the Strategic Mindset
There's an old saying that "It's not what you say, but how you say it.” It's one of the things an actor will spend time on when learning a script. Experimenting with a range of ways to say the same line, trying to find the one that fits best ...
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The First Step To Being A Strategic Thinker
To think strategically about any organisation, you must first understand the vision, strategies and values its owners have for it. Without a thorough understanding of these, it's impossible to make linkages to your role, make better day-to-day dec...
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