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Jeff Vankooten is a highly regarded keynote speaker inspiring career agility and professional resilience in extraordinary change. He has spoken to a wide variety of public and private organizations in virtually every arena, from the tech sector to financial services, manufacturing, health care, hospitality, entertainment, retail, legal, and the US government.

He has authored three handbooks: "Greatalk! Pithy Pieces of Advice for Astonishingly Effective Presentations", "You are who you were when: Understanding our Generational Personalities", and "True Grit: Engaging Fear and Thriving in a Shaken World". He is currently working on a keynote and handbook on resilient leadership.



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Stimulants to Activate your Creative Thinking
Change is stressful. Times like these can get on your nerves. But it's during times of disruption and change that you have a chance to really grow, to activate your creative thinking and thrive. Old ways of thinking can bring us nothing but proble...
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I'm Saying Goodbye
If you're reading this it means my time on earth is done. I'm finished, kaput. There's no more I can do anymore, for good or for ill. My existence lasted a mere 365 days. Let me tell you it went by fast. My predecessor told me it would, but I didn...
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What Causes us to be Stuck in Life
When I went to help out in Boulder during the floods, my car got stuck in the mud. It was literally like driving into quicksand. I had to hire a tow truck to bail me out.
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Seven Tactics for Turbulent Times
Seven Tactics for Turbulent Times
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