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Janice Davies is an attitude trainer, professional speaker, business trainer and author. Unleashing people's potential is her passion; helping people unlearn old negative habits and re-learn new techniques, to create a positive attitude to life.

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21 Reasons You Are Staying in a Difficult Relationship
There's lots of things that hold us back in our life and often it's FEAR. Your ego thinks of plenty of reasons to stop you in your tracks and halt you moving forward.
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Successful People Who Failed First..
I read this this morning and thought you might like it as well. Yahoo!!
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How Small Business Owners Can Be More Confident
Any small business owner must be confident in their product, idea, service or themselves to start their business.
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51 Tips To Reduce Workplace Stress In April's Short Working Weeks
Food 1) Stop eating junk food - fattening/sugary sweet foods 2) Start eating healthy food - morning, lunch, dinner 3) Good foods for stress - Avocado, beef, milk, oatmeal, salmon, spinach, tea,walnuts 4) Eat foods you are not allergic to
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Time For A Rethink? While Away From Work - Future Proof Your Business
You might be fishing or lounging on the beach, when suddenly a great idea pops into your mind….why didn't I think of this before, you might think…. well maybe your mind was just too busy!!
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