Ian Berry CSP 

Ian Berry is a writer and international business speaker with unique expertise in why doing good is great for business.

He holds the CSP (Certified Professional Speaker) designation - the highest level available to professional speakers internationally. He is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a Past President of NSAA (The National Speakers Association of Australia).




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Fulfilling Your Promises
41 years ago last May I moved with my then young family to a place we'd never been to before to begin my first assignment as a Branch Manager. There was two staff members and me in the spacious office in one of the town's three major streets. A li...
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Candour Precedes Creativity and Innovation
"How long will it take you to find out why we're not being as innovative as we need to be?" asked a prospective client.
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The Next Half
Half the year is gone. The following have been the reoccurring themes in my candid and convivial conversations with clients both in person and in camera:
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Being a Change Champion in This Disruptive Age
I've spent my life ever since I was disrupted with a life-threatening illness aged 24 (37 years ago) curious about how to thrive on the challenges of change and how to do so simply.
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I believe the world needs more mavericks and less mercenaries. Mavericks (rebels, radicals, dissenters, disrupters, heretics, non-conformists, contrarians, the label doesn’t really matter), are people driven by enlightened self-interest “a phil...
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