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Specialist in transformational change, program delivery, operational performance, organizational success, profit management, leadership development and technology implementation

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8 Ways Intelligent People Use Failure To Their Advantage
The top causes of failure that I see as I work with my clients are: they have the wrong focus they lack accountability and ownership they have over complicated things they lack transparency into operational performance
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Dream Big and Go For It!
This weekend I will be running my 10th marathon. Not only with it be my 10th in total but it will also be my 4th in the last 10 weeks. I ran West Palm Beach Dec 6th, Disney Jan 10th, Miami Jan 24th and I will run Fort Lauderdale on Feb 14th.
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The Difference Between Leadership and Management
First of all I want to say that I don't see Leadership as good and Management as bad.
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What Does It Take To Be An Inspiring Leader?
If there is one question which I get asked more than any other, even more than are leaders born or made, it's what does it take to become an Inspiring Leader?
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