Gilly Chater 

Gilly helps people achieve insight powered breakthroughs for themselves and their businesses. She is an inspirational speaker who presents keynotes and breakouts at conferences and writes about the key ingredients for success in today’s world.

Born in England, Gilly left school early yet gained the prestigious Cordon Bleu Diploma at the tender age of 17. She cooked up a storm across Europe and North America before being approached by the founder of the London Cordon Bleu to become a senior teacher at only 22 years of age. Gilly thrived with this teaching and leadership challenge. She also enjoyed helping and supporting others.

Always following her intuition it wasn't long before Gilly became a personal chef for the rich and famous. This included cooking for a multi-millionaire at his villa in France and on board one of his two super yachts based in the Mediterranean. She also cooked for actress Diana Rigg.

She became a very successful property sales consultant in Tokyo, Japan and eventually joined the largest transformational training company in Japan and Asia.

Gilly's move to New Zealand in 1987 coincided with the famous October Black Monday sharemarket crash - Great timing! Already recruited (from Japan) as the Asia Pacific Marketing manager for NZ commercial real estate company Bayleys, she was made redundant exactly a year later due to the recession. She saw this as a blessing as she then decided to continue her leadership development consulting and formed a business with a colleague from her Tokyo days.

On an R&D trip to the USA in 1997, she learned about the principle-based approach to change. This health-based approach to human psychology had a positively profound effect on Gilly both personally and professionally. Her intuition told her it was time for another change so she formed a new company specifically to take this approach to corporate clients in New Zealand and internationally.

A healthy state of mind is the precursor for people to have genuine insights. Furthermore insights are the all-important precursor to breakthroughs. Over the years Gilly has taken the principle-based approach to a diverse range of people and companies. She believes that now, more than ever, the business world needs breakthroughs and this is achieved with insights that come from calm, quiet and healthy states of mind.



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