Derek Good 

Productivity, confidence and leadership are areas Derek Good writes, presents and works with businesses to develop.

Derek is a director of LearningPlanet Limited which helps improve the productivity of organisations and the confidence of their staff through sales, service and leadership skills in bite-sized videos. The biggest market has been in contact centres in Australasia.
Derek is a facilitator who works with leadership teams in LEGO Serious Play, TMI profiling, problem solving and strategy sessions.
He was previously the Managing Director of Rapid Results - a leading New Zealand training and consultancy firm specialising in contact centres. There he was responsible for spearheading customer relationships programmes and managed all the sales and communications functions for the business.
With over twenty years’ experience in general management in the UK and New Zealand market, Derek has developed a passion for excellence in service and the development of people at all levels in an organisation.
Author of four books on leadership, coaching, sales and Return on investment,


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Leading a Team
By Derek Good
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Articles by Derek Good

What are your Staff doing to your Assets?
Well, here's the key point. For the same reasons you wouldn't let someone loose on an expensive piece of machinery, you really shouldn't let them loose on your most important assets - your customers. They can do as much damage to your bottom line ...
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How Do You Address Personal Hygiene?
It's that dreadful duty that falls to many managers to address the issue of personal hygiene or body odour (body odor). I've had to do it and there's no fun, easy way to tackle it but there are some points that can make the job a bit more palatab...
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How Do You Get HR & Training Programmes Approved?
The world has frequently experienced periods of economic uncertainty. While economies are somewhat fragile, trying to get organisational investment in some areas - in particular training and HR programmes - is somewhat difficult. What is it that p...
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How Can You Be a More Effective Leader?
There are so many leadership concepts out there. Some good, some great and some just shouldn't be out there at all! Overall though there's some pretty good stuff to be had from friends, mentors and from trawling the internet on how to be a more ef...
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How Do You Keep Your Staff Motivated?
Admit it, some days motivating your staff is like pushing rope! It's that silver bullet of management - keeping your staff motivated on a sustained basis. There are short term fixes like buying them ice creams on a hot day or longer term tricks li...
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