Colin Dawson 

Colin is the founding director of Business Brains Asia Pacific Ltd and Technology Led Training Ltd.

He spent many years as an HR practitioner in the corporate world before beginning Business Brains (bbap) in 1988. As a learning consultant he has worked in a number of countries throughout Asia including two major projects in mainland China. He is a staunch advocate of the belief that training that does not produce behaviour change is worthless and has brought this philosophy into the new company, TLT, which specialises in instructional design for blended learning.

His books are short, content rich and written in a style that can be described as "read on an aeroplane".


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KISS: Let Go Of The Need to Know Everything
In today’s complex world we face a barrage of information on a daily basis. We need to let go of the need to know everything. We need to educate both our learners and our trainers to resist the temptation to dump everything, “just in case”. If ...
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